Roadmap To The Harvest Field! 



Sunday Service Of 14th January 2018 

Topic: Roadmap To The Harvest Field 

Text: Luke 14:18-31

Minister: Pastor Tunde Bakare

Roadmap is a detailed plan or explanation to guide one in setting direction or standard in order to achieve vision thereby coming to reality. A vision without a roadmap will vanish away or will not achieve anything.

Every project needs a roadmap. God wants to bless us with goodness and bountiful harvest in 2018. Understand that a vision is a conception of idea inferred or derived from specific instances. It is sometimes called wish or desire.

What is your wish this year? What is your desire this year? My desire is to experience goodness and bountiful harvest before the year ends.


 1. Acknowledge the Master planner-God is the author and executor of every plan. God knows about everything Proverbs 16:1-13, Luke 14:28-31. Count the cost and pay the price.

 2. Have Faith and be committed: it means pledging one’s loyalty to a course of action until success is achieved Numbers 13:30, Eccl 11:4

 3. Have Clearity of Value: You set priority here amidst many demands. If it means denying yourself of some forms of pleasure – do it.

 4. Fan The Flame Of Fire: It means taking practical steps to execute the plan. Swing into action Proverbs 22:13. Don’t be slothful this year.

 5. Have The Bonding Power : This is the ability to connect and bond with others. Mix up with those that are successful in your career line. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. No matter how small the business is, learn how it is done.

 6. Communication : Try and get feedback from your customers and clients. Use the criticism to improve your business and productivity.

Prayer Points :

 1. Lord, this is my plan for this year, Father, here is my proposal – my father ordain it in Jesus’Name Amen.

 2. Father, speak unto me the Word of approval and let me experience bountiful harvest in Jesus’Name Amen.


Father, help me to get rid of every locust and cankerworm this week and this year in Jesus’Name Amen.

Have a blessed week! 


That Inestimable Resource 

Topic :… That Inestimable Resource 

Text : 1 Samuel 3:1-21

Bible Teacher : Olanrewaju Abraham Sule

Date :13th January 2018

Although he has gone to be with the Lord, I still remember the tone of his voice. My father, will gently call us out early in the morning to observe the morning devotion. And his voice has suddenly become that Inestimable resource to me because he is not here. 

But I have discovered that I have a bigger and greater heritage at my disposal. That is the voice of God. The children of God must recognize the voice of God even as young Samuel did. At first, Samuel heard but didn’t recognize the Father’s voice.

From the Experience of Samuel we can learn to listen to and speak for God. Through :

 1. Right Practice : Samuel was already obeying all he knew 


 2. Right Position : He lay quiet and still and he removed all forms of distractions. 


 3. Right Proximity : Samuel lived in the presence of God. 


Samuel is a wonderful biblical example of godly leadership. If you want to be used by God, you must have learned how to hear His voice,heed His words and speak the truth, no matter the earthly consequences. Make God’s voice your inestimable resource! 

Don’t Talk When… Part 2

Topic : Don’t Talk When…(Part 2)

Text : Proverbs 21:23

Bible Teacher : Olanrewaju Abraham Sule

Date :12th January 2018

On that very day that Isaiah had a vision of God’s glory, he said, “… Woe is me! For I am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips…” – Isaiah 6:5 

He passed judgment on himself. He had a mouth problem but God had mercy on him. God cleanse His mouth. The most important thing is to be able to identify one’s weakness. That will be the beginning of one’s solution. Don’t talk when… 

 1. The issue is none of your business Proverbs 14:10


 2. When your words will damage someone’s reputation Proverbs 16:27


 3. If your words will destroy a friendship Proverbs 25:28


 4. When you are feeling critical James 3:9


 5. If you can’t speak without yelling Proverbs 25:28


 6. When it is time to listen Proverbs 13:1


 7. If you may have to eat your words later Proverbs 18:21

 8. If you have already said it more than one time (then it becomes nagging) Proverbs 19:13

 9. When you are tempted to flatter a wicked person Proverbs 24:24

10. When you are supposed to be working instead Proverbs 14:23


I receive the grace to use my mouth to always bless someone’s life. 

Fresh oil 




TEXT: PSALMS 92:1-15

MINISTER: Prophet Adekoya Adesina (Senior Pastor)

Prayer Points:

 1. Every garment of unfruitfulness, bad luck, and lack are taken away from you now and they are set ablaze in Jesus’Name Amen 


 2. Now receive the key of breakthrough and great blessings in Jesus’Name Amen. 

As you receive the anointing today, it will do great things in your life. You shall make progress in every area of your life in Jesus’Name Amen. 

Confession :

I will make progress. I will move forward. I will not be stagnant. My life will experience a wonderful turn around in Jesus’Name Amen. 


The Lord will crown the year with His goodness for you. Crown means to put upon, to bless and to put one on the throne. Your path will drop fatness. Goodness means all of God’s wonderful works. 

Your going out and coming in this year will be blessed. Harvest means you will bring in ripe fruit in terms of great productivity. (John 4:35)

Fresh oil means fresh infilling of the HolySpirit. It means fresh anointing, fresh fire, fresh beginning, fresh Visitation and fresh enthronement. 

In every area of your life, the Lord will visit you afresh. He will give you a new hope and a new beginning. Fresh oil is not a bad oil, it is not a stale oil. Old oil can never be palatable. 

To our mothers, they will agree with me that fresh oil is always sweet. It means that your life will be sweet and beautiful this year. Fresh oil removes dirt and impossibilities. Fresh oil removes every impurities. It is the oil of gladness. 


 1. You have the crown of dominion and power Psalms 21:8


 2. You will become a commander, a leader and a captain 1Samuel 10:1


 3. It connects you with your destiny helper 1Samuel 10:2-5


 4. There will be progress and Advancement 


 5. There will be fresh Visitation of the HolySpirit. 


 6. Discovery of your gifts and you become a new person. 


 7. It gives you healing. 


 8. Fresh oil will break every yoke and bondage Luke 4:18-20, 1Samuel 10:27


 9. Fresh oil gives you abundance and you have an overflow. 

10. There will be guidance and protection for you. Psalms 23:5

11. You will be able to evangelize effectively. 


 1. You must always put God first in everything Proverbs 3:9-10


 2. You must win souls into the kingdom of God and do follow up. 


 3. Begin the year with fresh commitments to the things of God. Don’t be a Sunday, Sunday worshipper alone. 


 4. Live a Righteous life. Psalms 45:7


 5. Let the HolySpirit take control of your life daily.

 6. Have a fresh encounter with God through His Word 2Cor 3:18.

As you carry out all these, the Lord will connect you with your destiny Helper in Jesus’Name Amen.

Have a blessed week!

Are you Really Growing? Part 2

Topic : Are You Really Growing? (Part 2)

Text : 2Peter 3:18

Date: 7-1-2018


For effective growth to be achieved in the 2018, then we must let go of somethings that are hindering our growing up.

Things like: procrastination, laziness, idleness, selfishness, pride, and every negative character. Let’s do things differently. It’s is the 7th day and before you know it, the year will be over. Now is the golden time to grow.

Growing is an ongoing process. It is present continuous. It is not I grew some years ago and stopped. Take action and start growing now…

1. Grow in Service by thinking of what to do to add value to life

2. Grow in Giving by giving in every situation.

3. Grow in Tenderness by being compassionate and considerate

4. Grow in Courage by having boldness

5. Grow in Endurance by evangelizing and enduring what comes your way through this.

6. Grow in Humility by throwing pride away.

7. Grow in Patience by waiting on God before taking action.

8. Grow in Obedience by obeying God’s Word.

9. Grow in Faithfulness by being committed to the things of God.

10. Grow in Prayer by knowing how to seek the face of God on any issue of life.

It is possible and we will grow from glory to glory in Jesus’Name Amen. Have a nice time in God’s presence today! 

Are You Really Growing? 

Topic :Are You Really Growing?

(Part 1)

Text: 2Peter 3:18

Date: 6-1-2018

# LessonsFromSGL

After happy new year, what is next? Are you really growing. Do you have a Personal Development Plan for each year? Don’t just exist. Grow!

A failure to develop oneself, a failure to make progress and not being able to advance in life only has one word and that is Stagnation.

The fact that one made it into this year means a year had been added to one’s age. Hence, one is growing physically. Ready or not, here it comes! But beyond physical growth, God wants us to grow Spiritually.

1. Grow in grace by hating sin with passion.

2. Grow in Love by loving God more and showing that love to your neighbour

3. Grow in Faith by believing the promises of God more.

4. Grow in Hope by always being positive about issues of life.

5. Grow in knowledge by knowing that there are promises in God’s Word that will solve all kinds of life problems.

6. Grow in Holiness by gaining the understanding that holiness affects everything in your life.

7. Grow in Self denial by thinking of others first. Don’t have selfish interest.

This year will be different from last year because you and I must grow and we will grow in Jesus’Name Amen. 

Be Spiritual. 

Topic : BE SPIRITUAL (Part 2)

Text: Ephesians 1:3

Date: 5-1-2018

# LessonsFromSGL

Many play religion with the tag of being Spiritual. No! Don’t let that happen to you this year. 

It is only those that are godly that have access to enjoying all Spiritual blessings in Heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3). Take action. 

 1. Be Spiritual and think without lines. Don’t belittle the power of God in you. 

 2. Be Spiritual and think victory- soon Christ’s Kingdom will come and be established on earth. 

 3. Be Spiritual and think intuitively – Have a sense of what will work. 

 4. Be Spiritual and think servanthood. Add value to lives. 

 5. Be Spiritual and think quickly. Evaluate and see possible answers. 


Being Spiritual means having Jesus to be at the center of it all.

 From the words of Charles Spurgeon, “The eagle-eyed, Argus-eyed world observes everything we do, and sharp critics are upon us. Let us live the life of Christ in public. Let us take care that we exhibit our Master, and not ourselves – so that we can say,” It is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives me.”. His grace is sufficient for us.


Topic:    BE SPIRITUAL (Part 1)

Text:Proverbs 3:5-6



The year is still very new and we can be spiritual this year if we care to be. It will be to our golden advantage at the end.

When you are spiritual, you think God first and act in line with what His Word says concerning that situation.

 1. Be Spiritual and think big. Know that God’s vision is usually bigger than yours

 2. Be Spiritual and think of others welfare first.

 3. Be Spiritual think continually. Don’t be satisfied with today’s answers

 4. Be Spiritual and think bottom line. Seek positive results and fruits

 5. Be Spiritual and crave for consistent growth

All these can’t be achieved if one has not truly repented from every unrighteousness. Sin brings flesh in.

Repent and accept Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

Daily ask for the infilling of the HolySpirit. A life that is conscious of the leading and direction of the Spirit of God is a godly and Spiritual life.Topic:    BE SPIRITUAL (Part 1)

Text:Proverbs 3:5-6



The year is still very new and we can be spiritual this year if we care to be. It will be to our golden advantage at the end.

When you are spiritual, you think God first and act in line with what His Word says concerning that situation.

 1. Be Spiritual and think big. Know that God’s vision is usually bigger than yours

 2. Be Spiritual and think of others welfare first.

 3. Be Spiritual think continually. Don’t be satisfied with today’s answers

 4. Be Spiritual and think bottom line. Seek positive results and fruits

 5. Be Spiritual and crave for consistent growth

All these can’t be achieved if one has not truly repented from every unrighteousness. Sin brings flesh in.

Repent and accept Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

Daily ask for the infilling of the HolySpirit. A life that is conscious of the leading and direction of the Spirit of God is a godly and Spiritual life.

Get the best English Language Teacher for your child now!


With my over 10years of teaching English language in the class and as a private tutor, I have been able to discover that all students will want their language teacher to be more imaginative. 

A teacher who is imaginative can do wonders in the English class and even as a home lesson teacher. With my wealth of new ideas, I have been able to break monotony. 

In the same vein, I have been able to make all my students experience a lively participation in my class. Albert Einstein says that imagination is more important than knowledge. I believe in this. 

In this day and age where technology rules the world, there should be more to Education. I have discovered this over the years. Hence, as a proficient language teacher, I will not just transmit information, I have been able to develop skills such as imagination in a child. This will transform the knowledge of the child and he or she will make progress in life. 

A teacher who is imaginative can teach any language skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading) effectively. With this I have been able to develop each student creative self-expression. All my students in the class and in my private do enjoy being guided by my imaginative prowess 

Also, I have been able to use another potent attribute to impact knowledge and skill. This is innovation. Students like teachers who are innovative. To me, innovation means:

-Allowing changes and new ideas 

-Being fresh always 

-Experimenting New ways

-Having that passion to be different and unique 

-Thinking out of the box. 

My interactive skill top class. Your child will enjoy this to the fullest. Every child is unique. Every child has its own originality and attitude towards learning. As a result, a teacher who promotes interaction in the English language class has done justice to his or her profession 

He or she is empowering learners and helping them to build their communication skills. I seek for ways towards motivating all my students thereby creating opportunities for them to interact with one another through communication through entertainment activities like: role plays, group discussion, mock interviews e.t.c

In addition, I encourage independent thinking among my students. This is the process of being able to think on your own without someone else guiding you. I understand the fact that when students are encourage to think independently, they will be able to succeed in this changing world. Independent thinking implies:

-Thinking on your own 

-Being Critical of what you see and hear 

-Questioning any information. 

Through all these, I have been able to prepare students to write the following examinations :

-Junior WAEC (Basic Education Certificate Examination – BECE) 

-Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (Conducted by WAEC) 

-General Certificate Of Education (GCE – WAEC) 

-NECO Examination And NECO GCE 

-TOEFL (Test of English As A Foreign Language) 

-Cambridge IGCSE Examination  (International General Certificate Of Secondary Education) 

Get the best English Language and Phonics Teacher from my organization. 

The School Of Godly Leadership. (S.G.L) 

4,Omolara Close Ekoro Junction Abule Egba Lagos Nigeria. 

08068115186, 08067026040 

The Shepherd Ministry Inc 


Sunday Service Of 22nd October 2017
Topic: Maintaining Your Divine Freedom
Text: 1Peter 2:2
Minister:Pst. Olanrewaju Abraham Sule
“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow there” – 1Peter 2:2
The battle for the soul is going on- Many have not been feeding their Spirit with God’s Word. Many have deprived their souls with the sincere milk of the Word of God. Hence, they can’t maintain their divine freedom but the Word of God says that we must desire the sincere milk of the Word, that we may grow thereby.
If you are born again and you are not maintaining and reinforcing your Spiritual growth in the Word then you have not truly experienced divine freedom. We are first Spirit and we have a soul that lives in a body. The Spirit is the Essential force, the soul is made up of your mind, will and emotion while the flesh is the outer shell.
The soul will receive information and sensation from the senses of the body and this information and sensations are the ones that the human spirit will feed on. At conversion, it is evident that it is our Spirit that is saved, our body is still the same. Hence, we need to pray and daily ask God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit
We must grow in grace of giving, we must grow in the grace of living a holy and righteous life as it is commanded in 2Peter 3:18, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen”
We are pilgrims – A pilgrim is a person who Journeys, especially a long distance to some sacred place, a holy land (place). A pilgrim has experience Divine freedom and a pilgrim knows how to maintain his or her divine freedom in God. No wonder as the Lord addresses us also in 1Peter 2:11
“Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lust, which war against the soul”,

A pilgrim will stand fast in the liberty where Christ hath made him or her free- A pilgrim is not entangled again with the yoke of bondage (Gal 5:1).
 1. They listen for, and accept God’s call for their lives to progress to new territory with their Lord.


 2. They are never satisfied with how far they have come, but long for everything the Lord has to offer them.
 3. They search scripture and seek the testimonies of those (past and present) who have glimpsed more of the promise life we are called to.
 4. They believe they belong in vital and Victorious communion with Christ, and accept by faith that He will lead them into a place of Spiritual rest
 5. They never look back to ponder worldly things that have been lost, but strain ahead for glimpses of glory yet to be attained.
 1. Love God. Grow in Love from your soul. Let your mind, will and emotion be totally God – centered. Love your neighbour.
 2. Grow in Grace and in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ
 3. Learn to always speak the Christ Kingdom Language.
 4. Keep the right company. Proverbs 27:17.
 5. Ask for the daily infilling of the HolySpirit.
 6. Pray always and Live a life of Praise and worship.
 7. You also maintain your divine freedom when you evangelize.
Prayer Point:
I receive the grace to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Amen.


Venue :45,Dosunmu Street off Ekoro Road, Carpenter B /Stop, Abule Egba Lagos. Nigeria 

Ministering :Pastor Tunde Bakare and other Anointed ministers of God. 
Be there and be awesomely blessed